Studying + some photos

Yeah, I’m taking a break from studying for my history exam. It’s a bit disappointing though, the revision process I mean.  It really is just revising. I haven’t learned much new stuff which is slightly boring. But it’s alright. Being less confused about “old” stuff is good too. 😀

So, for the photo part:

Bugs! I don’t know what this first one is but he sure was bluer in person 😀

This guy was so sneaky. He was on a clothesline, stretched out and parallel to the cord so I didn’t even see him at first (until he moved). Sneaky.

This one got stuck between my window panes the other day:

Same thing with this huuuuge wasp. I don’t remember seeing one that close before so maybe that’s why I’m so amazed by it. I’m glad I closed my inside window on time so it didn’t get into my room. It looks ace though.

Some incense:

Last but not least: my cam-cam finally got itself a home! :’)



2 thoughts on “Studying + some photos

  1. Sorry I haven’t commented in a while ^^;

    heh, these are awesome photos, especially that beetle one. Why not upload it on dA?

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