Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Do you like obscene pop culture based jokes and British comedy? Yeah? Then you will definitely like Never Mind The Buzzcocks. It’s a comedy panel game show that is super-awesome. There are different rounds (that are great too) but mostly it’s about comedy and bashing famous people. Yay!

There are over 20 seasons of this and there have been lots of different hosts. Right now each episode has a new one. Even people like Jeremy Clarkson and Josh Groban have hosted this show. The best host I’ve seen so far is Simon Amstell who luckily was in the show for some time. He’s hilarious and manages to insult everyone to the max but, like someone said, in such a cute way that it’s not possible to get angry with him. Well, some people have gotten quite pissed off but whatever…

Anyway, there are two teams each episode. Both teams have a captain and two musicians, actors, comedians etc and they have to do different music-related tasks during the show. I have recognised some people but most of the time I’ve got no real idea who they are XD. Although if you know lots of bands and artists and if you have watched plenty of (British) comedy shows then you’ll probably see a lot of familiar faces (Bill Bailey, Noel Fielding, Stephen Fry, Martin Freeman etc).

So just watch it if you’re interested. There are tons of full episodes on Youtube. E.g.:

And if you actually take my advice and watch it (or if you have already watched it) then feel free to tell me what you think. :B


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