Welcome to my silly blog!

So I figured I’d make myself a blog. Mostly because sometimes I have this urge to share my thoughts with the world (who knows why) BUT I want to leave my deviantart journal for dA-based stuff only. So that watchers who couldn’t care less about random shiatsu would have a bit less journals to delete from their inbox.Β  And that’s just who I am – a very nice person. Yeah.

Anyhow, this will be a place for… anything really. As I said before, completely random thoughts, observations, as well as photos will find their place here. Also, beware of the fact that I do get fangirl moments so there might be some ramblings about how some singer/actor/painter is superawesome and you’re not.

To anyone who reads this for some reason: feel free to comment. A lot. I like me some comments.

And to start off this weird business, here is a photo of something. A very close up photo. And you may guess what it is (I swear it isn’t gross). πŸ™‚

Have a nice day people,



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